MyBoot allows you to start third-party applications on Windows CE and Windows Mobile based portable devices such as GPS systems, PDAs and smartphones which are not designed to do so (e.g. you don't have access to the 'Start' menu). These devices are not actually ‘locked’, as some people say – it is perfectly legal to install your own software on a device you own. You can use MyBoot to start programs like MAPLORER, or your own programs.

How it works

Most GPS systems have a button to start the built-in navigation software, such as IGO, Destinator, etc. All this button does is start a program, such as MobileNavigator.exe for IGO. To be able to start other applications, all you have to do is to locate this application and replace it by your own. MyBoot allows you to do just that, keeping a copy of the original application. Then, pushing the button will start MyBoot instead of the built-in software, and it lets you choose what to do next – including starting the original software.


  1. Locate the application which is started when pushing the button you want to use on your GPS.

    It may be located on the external memory card that came with the GPS – the easiest and safest option.

  2. Rename the original application, e.g. from MobileNavigator.exe to MobileNavigator_Igo.exe

    The button should no longer work. Don’t panic, this is normal.

  3. Unzip the ZIP archive to an empty folder on your PC.

  4. Rename MyBoot.exe so that it has exactly the same name as the original application (e.g. MobileNavigator.exe – without the _Igo), and copy it to the place where the original application used to be. E.g., to

    \MobileNavigator\MobileNavigator.exe in the case of IGO

  5. Edit the file MyBoot.ini file on your PC (you can start from the example provided). Each line corresponds to a button you can create.

    a. First, create a button allowing to start the original software, e.g. add a line like

    Button1 = ".\MobileNavigator_Igo.exe"; IGO

    (the “.” At the beginning makes MyBoot look for the .exe in the directory where MyBoot is stored; IGO is the title of the button).

    b. Then, add buttons to start your additional applications. E.g. if you have one called “Maplorer.exe” in the directory \Maplorer, in the external storage card SDMMC, add a line like

    Button2 = "\SDMMC\MAPLORER\maplorer.exe"; Maplorer

    (the \SDMMC indicates the external card, MAPLORER the directory containing the application, maplorer.exe the application).

    c. Optionally, you can add a line to start Windows explorer:

    Button4 = "explorer"; Explorer

    (lines starting neither with \ nor with . allow to start system commands)

  6. Copy the modified MyBoot.ini file to the same directory where you copied MyBoot.exe (which is now renamed to something like MobileNavigator.exe)


It is now possible to automatically start the first application in the list after a given period of time. Simply add a semicolon (';'), the word 'autostart' and the delay in seconds at the end of the first line of the .ini file (like in the example given in the .ZIP archive).

What if something goes wrong?

Note that all along the process, you never delete any files. Basically, you only rename the existing navigation application, and add a new file, which has the original name of that application. If something goes wrong, just delete the added file, and rename the application back to its old name. (Look at the time stamps if you get confused!)

To be really sure you’re not taking any chances by making some mistake, backup your memory card before starting.

What if still something goes wrong?

Well, it is of course always possible to make some stupid mistake and delete the wrong file… In this case, please don’t blame me. 

“Life is trouble, only death is not” (Zorba the Greek)


Q: Why is there a picture of a cat on the start screen?

A: Because cats are cute.

Q: What if I need more than 3 buttons?

A: If you define more than 3 buttons, the cat will go away.

Q: What if I need more than 5 buttons?

A: Sorry, 5 is the limit right now. We want the guys with the huge fingers to be able to use it.

More questions? – Email me.

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